Arts Photographs by Maurice Arts


Maurice Arts
Dutch, somewhere in his 40ies, living in Istanbul, Turkey.

In 2002, I travelled the roads from Istanbul to Shanghai. I got captured by the beauty of this overland route; the beauty of the peoples, landscapes, architecture and history.

Unfortunately, many people are not yet quite familiar with Turkestan despite its relative close vicinity. This made me to decide to organise a photo exhibition of Turkestan which was held in a gallery in Istanbul some years ago.
Of course I would not decide to organise a photo exhibition if photography was not my passionate hobby. Some 15 years ago I became fascinated with it as I never realized that ‘writing with light’ can say even more than ‘writing with words’. Sometimes a pictured detail can leave a lot to one's imagination and sometimes a picture of something ordinary on which Goethe's statement is catching; ‘das ist das Angenehme auf Reisen, dass auch das Gewöhnliche durch Neuheit und Überraschung das Ansehen eines Abenteuers gewinnt'.  

Apart from Turkey and the Turkestan region, I visited some 60 other countries in which I took pictures. Please have a look here to view some other themes.  
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